Seminars/Workshop Series Offered by the CSGC

Fall Semester 2019

Gender/Diversity/Democracy: Gender’s Role in Reporting Conflicts

Zen in the Ice Rift: A Film Screening (5 Nov) and Panel Discussion (6 Nov)

Gender/Diversity/Democracy: A Protest Poetry Reading

How Matter Comes to Matter: New Materialism in Ecology and the Arts

Gender/Diversity/Democracy: Political Activism and Higher Education in Hong Kong

Spring Semester 2019

The People I’ve Slept With: A Film Screening and Q&A

Finding Kukan: A Film Screening, Commentary and Audience Q&A with Dir. Robin Lung

#WontBeErased: Protecting LGBTQ Youth from Conversion Therapy

The Flavors and Feelings of China’s New Youth: Capitalist Soft Power and the Rise of a Global Technological Society

Film Screening and Q&A: We Have Boots (2018) dir. Evans Chan

Global Sexualities Lecture: Weimar Berlin and the Birth of a Global Sexology

Minority German Literature, Black Internationalism, and Futurity

Melon Conference @ HKU: Women in Science Fiction

The Art of Film Festival Programming

Book Launch: Dorothy Lau’s Chinese Stardom in Participatory Culture

Dykes, Camera, Action! Film Screening and Q&A with Director Caroline Berler

Book Launch: The Palgrave Handbook of Asian Cinema

Film Screening and Q&A: Last Exit to Kai Tak

Up Down & Sideways: Screening and Meeting with the Directors


Fall Semester 2018

Being There: The Importance of Networking


Global Cinema at Global Airlines: Navigating and Curating


Action Films: A Supergenre from a Transnational and Comparative Perspective

Nostalgia and New Chinese Cinema in the 1980s


Cinema Ontology Revisited: Rethinking Film Theory through the Lens of Buddhism


Fall Semester 2017

Paris as Hub for Global Cinema


Censorship and Self-Censorship in Hong Kong Today: What Can We Do?


Yellowing & City of Protest: a Conversation


Political Participation of Working Class Marriage Migrants in Hong Kong


Confluence or Conflict? Plural Identity, Hegemony and Chinese Medicine


In Dialogue with Ann Hui and Margaret Ng: As Time Goes By (Ann Hui, 1997)


Volatility in Finance, Culture, and Politics


Screening of Songs from Maidichong (麥地沖的歌聲)


Reflexive Experience of the City: Seeing Istanbul Through Hong Kong


A Conversation with the AsianGlobal Fellows on Gender and Leadership in the Asia-Pacific Region


Spring Semester 2016

Feb 24, 2016
Hong Kong Cinema through a Global Lens: The Horror Movies of Fruit Chan
Moderators: Prof Gina Marchetti & Dr Fiona Law (Department of Comparative Literature)

Mar 3, 2016
Outward Signs and Inward Graces: Women and Popular Belief in the Age of Empire
Speakers: Dr. Sarah Williams
Moderator: Prof. Maureen Sabine

April 6, 2016
Hong Kong Cinema through a Global Lens: Creativity and Politics
(This event is held as part of the University of Hong Kong’s University Artists Scheme supported by Dr Alice Lam)
Speaker: John Sham Kin Fun (Hong Kong Film Industry Pioneer)

April 19, 2016
John Sham & Herman Yau In Dialogue
Speaker: John Sham (Hong Kong Film Industry Pioneer), Herman Yau (Award-winning Film Director)
Moderator: Dr. Mirana M Szeto (Assistant Professor, Comparative Literature, HKU)

May 27-28 2016
Contextualizing Asian Eco-Cinema: Past and Future
(sponsored by The China-West SRT in the Faculty of Arts, The University of Hong Kong)
Keynote: Prof. Scott Slovic (University of Idaho)
Moderator: Prof. Gray Kochhar-Lindgren (HKU)

Panel 1: Animals on Screen
Speakers: Prof. Lily Hong Chen (Shanghai Normal University), Dr Fiona Law (HKU), Dr. Anthony Siu (HKUST)

Panel 2: Eco-Aesthetics and Chinese Independent Cinema
Speakers: Dr. Chia-Ju Chang (Brooklyn College, City University of New York), Dr. Esther Yau (HKU), Dr. Judith Pernin (CEFC-Hong Kong)

Panel 3: Water Stories
Moderator: Prof. Stephen Chu (HKU)
Screening of Flowing Stories (Dir. Jessey Tang, 2014) and a post-screening talk with Jessey Tang, Teresa Kong, Dr Winnie L M Yee, HKU)

Panel 4: Cross-cultural Dialogue in South Korean and Japanese Eco-cinema
Speakers: Prof. Shin Yamashiro (University of The Ryukus, Okinawa), Dr Sung-Ae Lee (Macquairie University)

Panel 5: Catastrophe and Green Politics
Speakers: Prof. Mitshiro Yoshimoto (Waseda University), Dr. Rajesh Kumar (PPN College, India), Dr. Kiu-Wai Chu (HKU)

June 2-3, 2016
The Cultural Revolution Today: Literature, Film, and Cultural Debates
(co-organized with The French Centre for Research on Contemporary China (CEFC))

June 29-30
Asian Cultures in Dialogue: Politics and the Arts
(co-organzied with the School of Humanities and the Taiwan Humanities Society)
Organizers: Ang Sze Wei, Mirana May Szeto
Keynote speaker: Ien Ang
Participants: Kandice Chuh, Jow Jiun Gong, Li-Chun Hsiao, Mayumo Inoue, Kao Jun-honn, Sanjay Krishnan, Lee Chun Fung, Hung-chiung Li, Lo Lok Him, Kaori Nakasone, Desmond Hok-Man Sham, Mirana May Szeto, Neferti Tadiar

Fall Semester 2015

Sept 15, 2015
Transcultural Encounters, Transnational Feminisms: Women Media Activists and the Umbrella Movement in Hong Kong
Speaker: Prof. Gina Marchetti

Oct 27, 2015
Loving Revolutions: Reading Mixed Race at Mid-Century
Speaker: Dr. Nadine Attewell (Department of English & Cultural Studies, McMaster University)

Nov 4, 2015
The Current State of Hong Kong Cinema in Relation to Global Trends

Speaker: John Sham Kin Fun (Hong Kong Film Industry Pioneer)

Nov 17, 2015
New Media/New Asia: Dominant and Residual Geographies of Emerging Media Arts
Speaker: Dr Stephanie DeBoer (Cinema and Media Studies in the Media School at Indiana University Bloomington)

Spring Semester 2015

Feb 9, 2015
A Producer’s view: In Conversation with John Sham 

Speaker: John Sham Kin Fun (Hong Kong Film Industry Pioneer)

Feb 17, 2015
Through the Tunnel with Fruit Chan

Speaker: Fruit Chan (Independent Hong Kong Filmmaker)
Moderators: Dr Mirana M Szeto & Dr Winnie Yee (Department of Comparative Literature, HKU)

Mar 6, 2015
Hong Kong Women Filmmakers Website Launch Party

(co-organized with the Women’s Research Studies Centre and the University Grants Committee)

Mar 19, 2015
The Art and Craft of Hollywood Screenwriting
Speaker: Bill Bleich (Northwestern University)

April 13, 2015
Dialogue with Fruit Chan: The Future of Independent Film in Hong Kong
Speaker: Fruit Chan (Hong Kong Filmmaker)
Moderator: Dr Miranda M Szeto
Pre-dialogue Film Screening of Made in Hong Kong (1997)

Fall Semester 2014

Sept 2, 2014
Cultural Extraterritoriality: Intra-Regional Politics in Contemporary Hong Kong Cinema
Speaker: Dr. Victor Fan (Lecturer in Film Studies, King’s College London)

Seminars by Prof. Naoki Sakai
Oct 13, 2014 

Text to-be discussed: “The Figure of Translation – translation as a filter?” in European-East Asian Borders in Translation, Joyce C. H. Liu and Nick Vaughan–Williams ed., Routledge, 2014

Oct 15, 2014
Asian Humanity and Theory
Text to-be discussed: “Asian Theory and European Humanity – On the Question of Anthropological Difference”

Spring Semester 2014

Feb 12, 2014
From Photography to Music to Poetry – A Creative Farewell
(co-organized with the School of Humanities)
Speakers: Prof. David Clarke (Department of Fine Arts), Dr. Chan Hing-yan (Department of Music)

Feb 13, 2014
Film Screening and Q&A with the Director: Cheung King-Wai
Sharing in class CLIT2097: Independent Documentaries: Theory & Practice
Screening of One Nation Two Cities

Mar 5, 2014
Girl Power in a Man’s World
(co-organized with the Common Core Curriculum, Department of Sociology, Faculty of Education, Women’s Studies Research Centre, Consulate General of the United States)
Speaker: Martha Adams
Moderator: Professor Nirmala Rao (Faculty of Education, HKU)
Film Screening of Girl Rising (dir. Richard Robbins)

Mar 31, 2014
Rambling Show-and-Tell from Creative Film Editing to iPhoto iDiaries
Speaker: Mary Stephen
Moderator: Dr Aaron Magnan-Park

April 1, 2014
In Conversation with Director Louisa Wei and Screening of Golden Gate Girls
Speaker: Louisa Wei
Moderator: Dr. Stacilee Ford

April 1, 2014
Chinese Film Festival Studies Conference
(sponsored by the UK Arts & Humanities Research Council)

April 10, 2014
Ephemeral Abundance: Film Culture Between the Cyberlocker and the Festival
Speaker: Prof. Dina Iordonova
Moderator: Dr. Aaron Magnan-Park

Fall Semester 2013

Sep 11, 2013
Films of Furie: Hong Kong Cinema’s Wondrous Women Warriors

Mr. Bey Logan (CEO, Film Producer, and Company Founder @ B&E Productions)

Oct 2, 2013
Writing Hong Kong Otherwise
(co-organized with the School of Modern Languages and Cultures (Hong Kong Studies Programme))
Dr. Esther Cheung (Chairperson, Department of Comparative Literature, HKU)
Prof. Chu Yiu-Wai (Director, Hong Kong Studies Programme, SMLC, HKU)
Moderator: Dr. Jason Ho (Lecturer, Department of Comparative Literature)
Respondent: Dr. Jass Leung, cultural critic

Oct 3, 2013
Making Films My Way In Conversation with Director Kang Je-gyu
(co-organized with the School of Modern Languages and Cultures (Korean Studies Programme) and the Consulate General of the Republic of Korea in Hong Kong)
Screening of My Way (2011) followed by a Q&A with the director
Moderator: Dr Aaron Han Joob Magnan-Park (Assistant Professor, Department of Comparative Literature, HKU)

Nov 14, 2013
American Dreams in China: Q&A Session with Director Peter Chan Ho-Sun
Speaker: Director Peter Chan Ho-Sun
Moderators: Dr Aaron Han Joon Magnan-Park (Assistant Professor, Department of Comparative Literature, HKU), Ms Nichol Chau Ka Yan (Tutor & MPhil Candidate, Department of Comparative Literature)

Nov 18, 2013
Public Lecture: Mediterranean Encounters: Migration and Revolution in the Global Millennium 
Dr. Alessandra di Maio (University of Palermo, Italy)

Nov 27, 2013
Revisioning Global Modernity through the Prism of China
Speaker: Professor Sheldon Lu (University of California at Davis)
Talk by Prof. Lu
Workshop on Global Modernity

Dec 3, 2013
Research Seminar: A Public Showcase for the British Film Institute: TheMuseum of the Moving Image and Film Culture
Speaker: Dr. Lorraine Blakemore (Postdoctoral Research Fellow, the Centre for World Cinemas, the School of Modern Languages and Cultures, University of Leeds)

Spring Semester 2012

Feb 28, 2012
The History of Jump Cut, an Independent Film Journal

Prof. Julia Lesage (visiting scholar, HKU)

Mar 16-20, 2012
Asian Cinema Studies Society Conference 
A dynamic program of panels, workshop, screenings, and other events on films from across Asia and the Asian diaspora

(co-organized with Asian Cinema Studies Society)
Conference coordinating committee: John A. Lent (Chair, ACSS), Tan See-kam (Macau), Natalie Wong (HKU), Staci Ford (HKU), Mirana Szeto (HKU), Winnie Yee (HKU), Gina Marchetti (HKU)

Mar 20, 2012
Reparations and the Human

(co-organized with School of English)
Prof. David L. Eng (University of Pennsylvania)

Mar 29, 2012
Screening of The Other Half (另一半) and Q&A session

Ying Liang (filmmaker)

April 16, 2012
A Journey with Filmmaker Peter Ho-sun Chan (陳可辛): Reflections on his Filmmaking Career

– Film Screening of Perhaps Love
– Sharing session
(co-organized with Faculty of Arts, and supported by Joint Publishing) 
Mr. Peter Ho-sun Chan (filmmaker), Mr. Shum Longtin (film and cultural critic), and Dr. Esther Cheung (moderator, HKU)

Apr 17, 2012
Sex, Zen, and Finance Capitalism

Prof. James A. Steintrager (Department Chair, English Department, University of California, Irvine)

May 8, 2012
Digitally Engaged: Aesthetic of Affect and Chinese Activist Documentary

Prof. Zhang Zhen (Cinema Studies and History, New York University)

May 15, 2012
Not “Chinese Montage” Exactly, but not Deleuze’s Either: Deleuze’s Cinema Books and the Recollection-image in Chinese Martial Arts Movies

Dr. David Martin-Jones (Film Studies, University of St Andrews, Scotland)

Fall Semester 2011

Sep 30, 2011
Meeting Filmmaker Peter Chan and Wu Xia Film Screening (武俠改變武俠?—與陳可辛導演談武俠)

Screening of Wu Xia (武俠), followed by public forum 
Speakers: Peter Ho-sun Chan (filmmaker), Dr. Ma Ka Fai (Chinese Civilization Centre, City University of Hong Kong); Moderator: Dr. Esther Cheung (HKU)

Oct 26, 2011
Meeting the Filmmaker Mr. Herman Yau (邱禮濤): Globalization and the Rising China Film Market and Industry: Impact on Hong Kong Film
Mr. Herman Yau (filmmaker), Dr. Mirana May Szeto (HKU)

Oct 27, 2011
The Re-emergence of Cultural of Revolution Imagery in Post-2003 Hong Kong

Dr. Natalie Siu-Lam Wong (HKU)

Oct 31, 2011
“The Future of the Humanities and China: From Critical to Poor Theory”—Public Routable Forum with International Scholars

(co-organized with the University of California Humanities Research Institute. Supported by The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation; The Center for the Study of Globalization and Cultures; the French Centre for Research on Contemporary China; The Hong Kong Academy of the Humanities; School of Humanities of the University of Hong Kong; and The Strategic Research Theme (SRT) in China-West Studies, of HKU Strategies Research Area in China Studies) 
Chair: Prof. David Goldberg (Director, University of California Humanities Research Institute); Speakers: Prof. Ackbar Abbas (University of California, Irvine), Prof. Pheng Cheah (University of California, Berkeley), Prof. Kuan-hsing Chen (National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan), Prof. Gabriele Schwab( University of California, Irvine), and Prof. Yiman Wang (University of California, Santa Cruz)

Nov 7, 2011
Panel talk: Meeting Mainland Chinese Filmmaker Wang Xiaoshuai (蛻變中的中國: 王小帥與他的電影世界)

Screening of Chongqing Blues《日照重慶》, followed by a dialogue with Wang Xiaoshuai 
(co-present by the Hong Kong Asian Film Festival) 
Speaker: Wang Xiaoshuai; moderator: Dr. Esther Yau (HKU)

Nov 8, 2011
The Dynamics of Independent Filmmaking in China

(co-organized with Department of History)
Prof. Paul G. Pickowicz (Distinguished Professor of History and Chinese Studies, University of California, San Diego; inaugural holder of the UC San Diego Modern Chinese History Chair)

Nov 11, 2011
Cinematic Landscapes of the Real in a Globalizing China
Prof. Zhang Yingjin (University of California, San Diego)

Nov 14-15, 2011
Poetry and Image: Yu Jian in HKU:

Nov 14: Screening of Jade-Green Station《碧色車站》, followed by Q&A with the director
Nov 15: Screening of Hometown《故鄉》, followed by lecture by Yu Jian, “Poetry and Image—the visual world”(詩與圖像——看見的世界), and panel discussion 
Speaker: Yu Jian (poet and documentary filmmaker); Panelists: Prof. P.K. Leung (Lingnan University), Dr. Sebastian Veg (CEFC), and Dr. Winnie Yee (HKU)

Nov 24, 2011
From Refugees to Citizens, From Asian Americans to Hollywood Actors: The Visible, invisible Hmong in Clint Eastwood’s Gran Torino 

Prof. Monica Chiu (English and American Studies, University of New Hampshire)

Dec 13, 2011
Women’s Realism in Taiwan

Dr. Petrus Liu (Cornell University)

Spring Semester 2011

Jan 18, 2011 
Liberal Fictions: The Political Rhetoric of Carol Schmit
Dr. Cissie Fu (Leiden University)

Jan 31, 2011
Book Launch of Hong Kong Screenscapes: From the New Wave to the Digital Frontier
Dr. Esther Cheung, Dr. Gina Marchetti, and Dr. Tan See-kam (authors and editors)

March 10, 2011
Meeting-the-Writer: Deborah Baker

Deborah Baker (biographer and essayist)

March 15, 2011
World Cinema: A Dog’s Eye View

Prof. James Steintrager (English and Comparative Literature, University of California, Irvine)

March 21-25, 2011
Amidst Interpretation: Multimedia Creative Exhibition 2011

Featuring students’ creative works from Comparative Literature courses 2010-2011, including:

  • CLIT1009 Questioning Difference: Gender, Postcolonialism and Culture (Instructor: Dr. Esther Yau);
  • CLIT2028 The City as Cultural text (Instructor: Dr. Esther Cheung); and
  • CLIT2069 The Making of Modern Masculinities (Instructor: Dr. Mirana Szeto)

April 6 & 7, 2011
April 6: Film Screening of City of Glass
April 7: Public Forum- Echoes of Memory: Days of Apprenticeship
Mabel Cheung (filmmaker), Alex Law (filmmaker), Dr. Esther Cheung (HKU), and Gina Marchetti (HKU)

April 12, 2011
My Dream: “New China” in Performance

Prof. Yan Haiping (Theatre Arts, Comparative Literature, and East Asian Studies in Cornell University)

April 15, 2011 
The “Chinese threat” in the Russian Far East: obstacle to Sino-Russian hegemonic succession?

Dr. John L. Glick (Sociology, Hanyang University, South Korea)

April 19, 2011
The Production of Spectacle/The Spectacle of Production
Dr. Sylvia J. Martin (Babson College)

Fall Semester 2010

Sep 22, 2010
Public Forum All About Love with Filmmaker Ann Hui

Ann Hui (film director), Sandra Ng (actor), Elsa Yang Yee-shan (scriptwriter), and Dr. Esther Cheung (moderator, HKU)

Oct 6, 2010
Tram and Hong Kong Literature

Stuart Lau (poet)

Oct 12, 2010 
Reflections on Experimental Men’s Study Groups

Dr. Yun-chung Chen (HKUST)

Oct 15, 2010
Book launch of In Pursuit of Independent Visions in Hong Kong Cinema and discussion
Guest of honour: Stanley Kwan (film director), Law Kar (film scholar), Machi Ma (film director), Vincent Chui (film director), and Dr. Esther Cheung (author and editor)

Oct 22, 2010
HKIndieFF Preview of Cure and Sharing Session
Mr. Bill Yip (film director), Dr. Esther Cheung (HKU), Dr. Arnika Furmann (HKU), and Dr. Eileen Chan (HKU)

Oct 26, 2010 
Male Sex Workers in Taiwan and Thailand
Chen Xue (writer)

Nov 3, 2010
Screening of Vincent Chui’s Three Narrow Gates and
Book Talk: In Pursuit of Independent Visions in Hong Kong Cinema
Dr. Esther Cheung (author and editor), Vincent Chui (film director), Fung Ka Ming (film critic), and Shu Kei (film scholar)

Nov 9, 2010 
Screening of “Chubby Can Kill” (肥仔成龍), followed by a sharing session with the filmmakers

Kevin Ung (filmmaker) and Mona Chu (producer)

Nov 16, 2010
HKIndieFF Special Screening of Zhu Wen’s Thomas Mao and Sharing Session

Zhu Wen (film director), Dr. Gina Marchetti (HKU), and Dr. Fiona Law (moderator)

Nov 19, 2010 
Deimperialization and the Oceanic Turn in English Studies
Dr. John Eperjesi (Seoul national University)

Dec 9-22, 2010
Urban Representations in Hong Kong: Local and Comparative Perspectives
(co-organized with Centre for Cultural Studies, School of Humanities and Social Science, HKUST; Northwestern University; Institute of Comparative Culture, Sophia University)
Prof. Carolyn Cartier (University of Technology Sydney), Dr. James Farrer (Sophia University), Prof. Wendy Griswold (Northwestern University), Prof. Sharon Zukin (City University of New York), Dr. Chen Yun Chung (HKUST), Dr. Esther Cheung (HKU), Dr. Travis Kong (HKU), Dr. Agnes Ku (HKUST), Dr. Law Wing Sang (LU), Prof. Eric Ma (CUHK), Prof. Gordon Mathews (CUHK), Dr. Mirana Szeto (HKU), Dr. Tang Wing Shing (BU), et al.

Spring Semester 2010

Jan 12, 2010 
The Japanese Connection: Globalizing Hong Kong Cinema in the 1950s and 60s
Prof. David Desser (University of Illinois)

Feb 1, 2010
Chinese Literature and Faith Traditions

Dr. Qi Hongwei (Nanjing Normal University)

Feb 2, 2010
Euro-American Literature and Faith Traditions
Dr. Qi Hongwei (Nanjing Normal University)

March 30, 2010
Two lectures:
-Feeling Maladies, Imagining Ailments: Cinematic Illnesses in Hong Kong Cinema
-Un-masking Shanghai: History, Memory and Melancholy in Wang Anyi’s Moonstruck 
Dr. Fiona Law (HKU) and Dr. Winnie Yee (HKU)

May 31, 2010
What is a Dispositif? Deleuze and Cinema

(co-organized with Department of Philosophy)
Prof. John Rajchman (Columbia University) 

June 11- Aug 13, 2010
Seeing with Youthful Eyes: Multimedia Creative Exhibition 2010

(co-organized with Summer Institute in the Art & Humanities—- Faculty of Arts, HKU)
The exhibition features students’ creative works published in the Department’s bilingual bog “Writing the City” since 2008 and also from the following courses 2009-2010:

  • CLIT2028 The City as a Cultural Text (Instructor: Dr. Esther Cheung);
  • CLIT2065 Hong Kong Culture: Representations of Identity in Literature and Film (Instructor: Dr. Fiona Law);
  • CLIT2066 Postmodernism (Instructor: Prof. Gray Kochhar-Lindgren); and
  • CLIT2085 Hong Kong: Community and Cultural Policy in the Global Context (Instructor: Dr. Mirana Szeto)

Fall Semester 2009

Oct 6, 2009
Nationalism, Homosociality, and Commercialization: Reading Masculinities in Chinese Television 
Dr. Song Geng (HKU)

Oct 7, 2009
Class visit by Ann Hui: Negotiating the Art/Industry Divide in Hong Kong Cinema

Ann Hui (filmmaker) and Dr. Gina Marchetti (HKU)

Oct 8, 2009
Thinking and Seeing through Films: Dialogue with Film-makers Ann Hui and Peter Ho-sun Chan

Ann Hui (filmmaker), Peter Ho-sun Chan (filmmaker), and Dr. Esther Cheung (HKU)

Oct 15, 2009
Hong Kong Asian Film Festival @HKU: Meeting Tian Zhuangzhuang and Park Chan-wook
(co-organized with the Hong Kong Asian Film Festival Society)

Tian Zhuangzhuang (filmmaker), Park Chan-wook (filmmaker), and Dr. Esther Cheung (HKU)

Oct 27, 2009 
Jacques Derrida on Pain of Death
Prof. Thomas Dutoit (University of Lille 3, France)

Nov 10, 2009
Static: Ghost-Writing and Globalization
Prof. Gray Kochhar-Lindgren (Fullbright Scholar and Visiting Faculty, HKU)

Nov 25, 2009
Asian/American Women, the Documentary Form, and the Public Sphere: Gender, Identity, and the Body Politic
Dr. Gina Marchetti (HKU), Dr. Esther Yau (HKU), and Staci Ford (CU)

Spring Semester 2009

Jan 20, 2009
The Dalai Lama, War, and Social Justice
Dr. Barry Sautman (HKUST)

Feb 26, 2009
Thinking about Identity in a Global Context
Prof. Meaghan Morris (Lingnan U and U of Sydney)

Mar 17, 2009
Comparative Literature in the Context of Globalization 
Prof. Stephen Chu (HKBU)

Dec 6, 2008
Transnational East Asian Cinema since 1997 – Teleconference
(Organizers: Department of Comparative Literature, CSGC, Department of Film Studies at the University of Southampton and Goldsmiths University of London.)
Prof. Tim Bergfelder, Dr. Esther Cheung, Dr. Gina Marchetti, Prof. Chris Berry, Dr. Julian Stringer, Dr. Mark Morris, Dr. Isolde Standish, Dr. Rayna Denison

Feb 27 and Mar 9, 2009
American Film Institute Project 20/20 Film Festival
Screening of Two Films about Africa, Visit by Filmmakers and AFI Programmer, and Panel Discussion at HKU.
Anthony Fabian (filmmaker), Siatta Scott Johnson (filmmaker), Stacey Marbrey (AFI), Drs Adams Bodomo, Esther Yau and Staci Ford (HKU)

Mar 13 and 20, 2009
Transnational East Asian Cinema since 1997 – Teleconference
(Organizers: Department of Comparative Literature, CSGC, Department of Film Studies at the University of Southampton and Goldsmiths University of London.)
Postgraduate students from HKU, University of Southampton, Goldsmith College and University of Bristol

Apr 15, 2009
The Crisis of the Humanities and the Redefinition of Hispanism
Prof. Eduardo Subirats (NYU)

China and Global Modernity Series
(co-sponsored with the Centre for East Asian Studies, Chinese University of Hong Kong, and the School of English and China-West Studies Research Theme Initiative, Faculty of Arts, HKU)

Apr 15, 2009
Institutionalising Confucius: One More Try to Modernise and Globalise Kong Qiu
Prof. Kam Louie (HKU)

May 13, 2009 
Decolonizing Global Modernity: Urban Cultural Movement in Hong Kong
Dr. Mirana Szeto (HKU)

June 3, 2009
Chinese Cinemas and Global Modernity
Drs. Esther M.K. Cheung, Gina Marchetti and Esther Yau (HKU)

Fall Semester 2008

Globalization and Cultures Speaker Series 2008-09
(co-organized with the School of Humanities, HKU)

Oct 28, 2008
China in Theory: The Orientalist Production of Knowledge in the Global Economy
Dr. Dan Vukovich (HKU)

Nov 11, 2008
Democratic Modernism: Rethinking the Politics of Early 20th Century Fiction in China and Europe 
Dr. Sebastian Veg (CEFC)

Nov 27, 2008
Global Modernity
Prof. Arif Dirlik (CUHK)

Spring Semester 2007

Mar 22, 2007
Hong Kong Poetry Workshop Series: Hong Kong Poetry since the 1970s
Lau Wai-shing (劉偉成)

Mar 29, 2007
Brokeback: The Asian Side of the Mountain
Prof. Chris Berry (Goldsmiths College)

Apr 2, 2007
A Queer Feeling When I Look at You: Genre and Emotion in Stanley Kwan’s Lan Yu
Prof. Chris Berry (Goldsmiths College)

Apr 4, 2007
Theorizing “Queer Asian Cinema”
Prof. Chris Berry (Goldsmiths College)

May 15, 2007
Postcolonial Nostalgias
Prof. Dennis Walder {Open University (UK))

Fall Semester 2006

Oct 3, 2006
Looking for Global Suburbias
Prof. Gary McDonogh (Bryn Mawr College)

Oct 17, 2006
‘Young Rebels’ in Contemporary Chinese Cinema
Zhou Xuelin (University of Auckland)

Oct 19, 2006
Engendering Democracy in China: Chinese Feminist Activism Today
Prof. Wang Zheng (University of Michigan)

Dec 6, 2006
On Evans Chan: Screening of Map of Sex and Love and Open Discussion
Evans Chan Yiu-shing (陳耀成導演)

Dec 7, 2006
On Evans Chan: The Chinese Action Image and Postmodernity
Evans Chan Yiu-shing (陳耀成導演)

Spring Semester 2005

Feb 1, 2005
Hong Kong Diasporic Cinema
Evans Chan Yiu-shing (陳耀成導演)

Fall Semester 2004

Nov 10, 2004
The Global Sublime: Dialogues on 2046 / 2046
Prof. Jeremy Tambling, Dr. Esther Cheung, Mathias Woo (Zuni Icosahedron) & Jason Lau

Nov 15, 2004
The Xin Lu Project: Autobiography, Nomadism, and Experimental Media
Dr. Ma Ming-yuen S (Pitzer College in Claremont, US)

Dec 3, 2004
HK Culture Workshop Series 2003-04: Meeting Hong Kong Filmmaker Vincent Chui
Vincent Chui

Spring Semester 2004

New Chinese Film Festival: The Independent Cinema of “Sixth Generation” Directors

Feb 6, 2004
What is the Sixth Generation Chinese Cinema?
Bono Lee & Long Tin (Hong Kong Film Critics Society)

Feb 18, 2004
The Sixth and the Post-Sixth Generation Chinese Independent Cinema: Underground or above the Ground
Shu Kei (HKAPA) & Ou Ning (Guangzhou Yuanyinghui)

Feb 20, 2004
The Sixth Generation Cinema as/and the Chinese City
Wong Ain-Ling (Hong Kong Film Archive) & Linda Lai Chiu-han (City University of Hong Kong)

Feb 27, 2004
On Crazy English
Professor Ackbar Abbas

Mar 25, 2004
HK Culture Workshop Series 2003-04: Stanley Kwan and the City in His Films
Stanley Kwan

Mar 25, 2004
HK Culture Workshop Series 2003-04: Stanley Kwan and the City in His Films
Stanley Kwan

Fall Semester 2003

Dec 1, 2003
HK Culture Workshop Series 2003-04: Ann Hui and Memory in Her Films
Ann Hui

Spring Semester 2002

Mar 30, 1999
Panel on Hong Kong Cinema with Leslie Cheung & Brigitte Lin
Leslie Cheung, Brigitte Lin, Prof. Ackbar Abbas

June 3 – 14, 2002
Summer Institute: Public Criticism and Visual Culture
Organizers: CSGC, The University of Hong Kong, The Centre for Transcultural Studies, Chicago & The Hong Kong Institute of Cultural Criticism (HKICC)
Prof. Gayatri Spivak, Professor Leo Lee, Prof. Wu Hung, Prof. Liao Pinghui, Prof. Stephen Chan, Prof. Meaghan Morris, Prof. Ackbar Abbas, Prof. Benjamin Lee, Dr. Esther Cheung